It started in Canada and has consistently been loved by women from all over the world, including Europe, the United States and Southeast Asia over the past seven years. The second season of Rizue Barush, which has been around for four years, is made in Korea with K-Beauty's technology, and is visited by all the women in the world in Korea.

The secret recipe of Lijubarush Season 1 adds peptide ingredients and ground sulfur extract to nourish the roots of the hair, giving it a long, thick and thick eyelashes. In season 2, ceramide enpy and non-saborol, vitamin E and various plant extracts make eyelashes healthier and more resilient.

Rejuvalash Season 2 is available with made in Korea products from refined containers to full contents, and with a more generous capacity (5ml->7ml), I will always be by your side for healthy and elastic eyelashes every day.

Amazing changes in 21 days

The Secret Rejuvalash formula nourishes eyelash follicles and naturally boosts eyelash growth so that you will have longer, thicker and denser looking lashes by simply applying the serum a few seconds a day. Years of expert development and scientific research lead to the creation of our secret formula, which includes clinically proven stimulation ingredients such as enzymes, peptides, antioxidants and key vitamins.

Rejuvalash sold in 28 countries

Rejuvalash’s clinically proven results ensure any woman can have gorgeous lashes in a matter of days. This type of premium “cutting-edge” serum has normally only been developed by elite beauticians for the rich and famous, but the commercial release of Rejuvalash now puts the exclusive beauty of a true runway look into the lives of women everywhere.

Within days of the first application you will have REAL, longer, fuller, darker eyelashes that retain their beauty and allure with remarkable results.

Discover a new magnificent you, that everyone will notice, from your friends, family, coworkers and neighbors to that special person in your life. By simply applying Rejuvalash a few seconds a day you will be able to wake up every morning and see your eyelashes bloom, transform and go from ordinary to extraordinary with no effort at all.



Although the results are magic, the story of Rejuvalash didn’t begin in a place “far far away,” but rather it began in an elite research lab with one woman’s dedication to helping women maximize their True Beauty. Now the fairy tale ending is happening for women around the world as they transform their lives with the flick of the Rejuvalash wand and grow real and natural supermodel lashes.

The Rejuvalash magic isn’t fairy dust but the result of a decade-long research and development quest by an elite team of beauticians and scientist, lead by the esteemed Dr. J. Goco, Director of Eye Research Associates Intl. Dr. Goco’s mission was simple: to create a miraculous eyelash growth serum that creates longer, thicker and denser lashes in a matter of days.


Director of Eye Research Associates Intl.

Dr. Goco created Rejuvalash to magnify the beauty of as many women around the world as possible and to get you on your way to truly amazing runway lashes we are currently running an ONLINE-ONLY INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL OFFER that will give you a FREE vial of Rejuvalash.

All Rejuvalash purchases are ABSOLUTELY RISK FREE and 100% GUARANTEED to give you stunning Runway Lashes or Your Money Back. Act Now to get your FREE VIAL which you can keep for yourself or gift to a BFF who also wants to magnify her beauty and achieve that supermodel look.



Toronto, Canada

“I was skeptical but even in the first week the results were amazing. I now use it every morning so thank you for the FREE Vial. Rejuvalash is nothing short of supermodel magic!”


Manilla, Philippines

“I don’t usually buy things online but am I ever glad I did this time. Thank you for the FREE Vial, which I gave to my best friend. Now she just got her FREE Vial and gave it to her mom. That’s three of us with amazing results. Thank you!”



“Nothing the first two days and then bam, I woke up on day three and it was like I was looking at someone else’s eyelashes. Happy to be sharing this.”


Vancouver, Canada

“I am trying to think of the best words to describe the eyelash treatment you gave me to test. Truly amazing! During the study I wasn’t advised of the product name, but I now hope women everywhere hear the name Rejuvalash! Life Changing! Thank you!”

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